Jessica Simpson Disclosed 7 Facts & Pictures On Married Life

Jessica Simpson Disclosed 7 Facts & Pictures On Married Life

Jessica Simpson wears a lot of hats. She is a newlywed, the mom of three kids and the founder of a billion-dollar business called Jessica Simpson Collection. In an interview with the popular channel TODAY, Jessica Simpson disclosed 7 facts & pictures on married life.

Here are the following questions which Jessica Simpson answered in this interview.

Question 1 : You and Eric had been together for several years why was this the right time (month of July) to get married ?

Jessica Simpson : Well, we had two babies. We feared. I know we’re worried about explaining to the kids at one time. We were already engaged. We were engaged and then I got pregnant. Oops people say that that piece of paper.

Jessica Simpson Disclosed 7 Facts & Pictures On Married Life

Question 2 : Some people say that a little piece of paper changes everything. Has it changed your relationship ?

Jessica Simpson : Well, Eric and I have both been married before. So we really took our time and finding the right person. I feel like when we found each other we knew it had to be forever. Marriage has changed us in a lot of ways. I just think we’re a little bit more addicted to each other and nothing wrong with it. I mean I just think that there is like a level of love that has just reached the highest.

Jessica Simpson Disclosed 7 Facts & Pictures On Married Life

Question 3 : How are you taking his name do I now call you Jessica Johnson ?

Jessica Simpson : When I renew my license that’s very expired. I’m gonna be Jessica Johnson. See you at the moment are driving with an expired driver’s license. I just gave that away.

Question 4 : Talk about the kids how old are they now ?

Jessica Simpson : I have a son he is 15 months almost. Right he’s 14 and a half. My daughter is two. I’m looking at some of the pictures and you posted some of these online.

Question 5 : Do you ever you’ve lived in the spotlight for so long ? Do you ever worry that by sharing photos of the kids that you’re opening a public door that later in life they’re gonna have a difficult time closing ?

Jessica Simpson : No, because our life is always gonna be public just that is just who I am as their mother. I feel like they will be except the king of it. If they want me to take down all my pictures when they’re older it’ll definitely take them down they’ll have that right.

Question 6 : You lived a lot of your life in the spotlight. Not long ago between after pregnancies and before prayer before pregnancies where a lot was made of your weight and some of the comments were not at all kind like a lot of women you struggle to lose the baby weight. What did you do ? There’s a lot of baby weight. What did you make of the comments ?

Jessica Simpson : I feel like it’s just if anything it empowered me to rise above and stand up for all the women out there, that do have trouble losing the weight. It just wasn’t really my priority to please the public and make them feel like I’m supposed to be looking like. I did when I was 25.

Question 7 : You mentioned 25. Do you feel that you were held to a higher standard because you had been known as a bold symbol for so long ?

Jessica Simpson : I don’t think that I wasn’t still a bold symbol. I mean to my husband. I was extremely hot and I feel like when I started weight watchers for me. I just every week it was more and more exciting and then finally when I reached my goal. Not too long ago I just I feel more comfortable in my skin But I like what you said that the comments didn’t demoralize you maybe they did for a little while but then they inspired you. I’m not saying that they didn’t hurt. I’m a woman. I have feelings. I have hormones. I got emotional about it at times but if anything I just kind of wanted to be a champion for other women and so we can do this.

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